4 Ways to Shift your Fashion Styling Business during COVID-19

From virtual styling to Youtube University, A Seat at the Table Highlights 4 ways your fashion stying business during Covid-19.

Much like 99% of the world, we are sure that you have never imagined a world where we are all required to stay home, operate from home, and work from home unless considered “essential”. It’s frightening to see the world as we know it shift in front of our very eyes. A multitude of businesses have been affected by this global pandemic thus far and unfortunately it is only getting worse. While the fate of businesses continue to remain in question for as long as COVID-19 continues to spread, it is important for us to adapt and acclimate with the inevitable changes within the fashion industry. For decades, styling as we know it has been an on-set, in-person, hands-on kinda job. There has been an acceleration of digital services across all industries and it is important for those working within the fashion industry to make the shift as well. Here, A Seat at the Table highlights four ways for you to shift your business as a wardrobe stylist, and thrive far beyond the pandemic.

  1.  Virtual or eStyling

In recent years, we have seen several stylists take their services digital, which is perfect for the current standing of the world. Virtual styling brings a stylist’s skills from their home to their clients home, without ever having to physically be there. It allows for the stylist to work with clients far and wide, from the comfort of their home, and all while social distancing. Virtual closet cleanses, easy outfit formulas, and wardrobe revamps are a few great services that you can provide for your clients as a virtual stylist. It is important to maintain a very high and effective level of communication when working with a client virtually to ensure that their needs are being met. It is also important to remain organized and on top of things, as styling from home can get difficult. Virtual styling is the future of wardrobe styling, pandemic or not, so we highly suggest that as a stylist you get ahead of the curve!

  1. Styling Courses and Masterclasses

More than ever, many people are reconsidering their career choices as they feel as though the world can end at any moment… literally. With your expertise you have the opportunity to be the catalyst for someone blossoming into the stylist that they have always wanted to be. Providing digital courses and masterclasses on the art of wardrobe styling is a great way to bring in money during the pandemic, while also getting to share your passion with others. The overhead of expanding your styling business by providing styling courses is very little and you probably already have everything that you need to get started (which is awesome)! With a little research, creation of a curriculum, ring light, tripod, rolling rack, and Zoom account, your Virtual Styling Courses can be up and running in no time!

  1. Style E-Books

Believe it or not, there aren’t many books out there on the art of wardrobe styling and I’m sure fashionistas and aspiring fashionistas would love to have one as a reference point. Literally anything can be turned into an ebook, especially all of your knowledge as a wardrobe stylist. An ebook is a great tool for you to provide for your clients as you educate them on styling for their body type, seasonal outfit inspiration, color blocking, accessorizing, and more. Before creating your ebook we strongly suggest first taking the time to conduct market research on your target market to ensure that you are providing them with helpful and resourceful information. We are sure that your client would love to have this on-the-go tool to answer all of their fashion “FAQ’s”.


Since the start of the pandemic, and the need for everyone to quarantine, social media and the digital world has taken over our lives more than ever. What better way to position yourself as a digital stylist than by creating a youtube channel?! Many individuals have used this opportunity to share their tips and tricks on their area of expertise via YouTube and as a stylist it is a perfect hub for you to use as well. Millions of individuals turn to Youtube University daily to gain knowledge on a multitude of anomalous things and we are sure that there is a place for your knowledge on wardrobing styling as well! Youtube is a great place for you to provide style tips to clients, career tips to aspiring stylists, or even provide both. Both sectors are very useful topics that can be useful and easy for you to monetize off of during this pandemic!

All four of these tips are to help you take the digital fashion industry by storm and blossom! By incorporating one, or all four of them, we hope that your styling business will be more accessible to more people during these unfortunate times. Click here to receive more tips and remain in the fashion loop with A Seat at the Table!

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