8 Fashion Resume Do’s and Don’ts

8 Resume Do’s and Don’ts Every Job Seeker Should Know

We all know that while on a job hunt, before we even get our foot into the door for an interview, we have to win over the hiring manager with our resumes. Believe it or not, producing a job winning resume is not as simple as we’d like to think it is. There are several minuscule things that many of us fail to include, or leave out of our resumes. A Seat at the Table has comprised a list of eight Do’s and Don’ts to help you win over ANY hiring manager and get you a seat at the table Sis!

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1. Keep it Simple.

We know that you want that job, Sis. We know it’s your dream. But we PROMISE, that simple is the way to go. The focus of your resume should be on your experience. Please refrain from using a lot of crazy fonts, colors, and design aspects. Try sticking to very simple, professional, fonts. Cambria, Times New Roman, and my personal favorite, Georgia are some great examples of the perfect fonts to use on your resume. Simple is the way to go!

2. One page Maximum.

Hiring managers look at hundreds of resumes during the hiring process. Unfortunately they do not have all of the time in the world to go through resumes with several pages. Keep it simple, and more importantly, keep it short!

3. Only include experience that is relevant.

Sorry sis, but if you’re applying for a fashion job, the hiring manager doesn’t care about the kids you babysat last summer. Your resume is your chance to sell yourself and all of your talents. You have to make sure that every word on their counts. If you are new to the fashion world try to include all of your volunteer work, fashion club experience, internships, whatever is fashion related. Also include any previous work experience that required the same skills that you’ll need for the job that you are applying for.


We know, we know. This one seems pretty obvious. However, you’d be surprised at how many people forget this extremely important step before submitting their resume. Hiring managers want to know that you are a detailed oriented individual. What better way to show them that you are than by showing them that you triple dog checked your resume for any spelling errors? Right. Spell check, Sis!

Photo Credit: Christina Morillo (Photographer)


1. Mention obvious skills.

This one is in no way, shape, or form to undermine anyones skills. This is just to encourage you to include skills that are going to set you apart from your opponents. A great hack is to look over the skills that are required for the job that you are applying to and include them into your resume! (Only if you possess them, of course). This will help your resume get past the hiring software and into the hands of the hiring manager!

2. DO NOT include a picture of yourself.

This is totally unnecessary, and not to mention, a little awkward. A picture on a resume is only necessary for jobs where looks “matter” or are highly considered, like modeling and acting. We want for our skills, talents, and experience to do all of the talking for us. Leave the selfie out, Sis.

3. Squish everything in.

You want your resume to be an easy and quick read. If the page is full of 8 point font, with very little space, you’re doing it wrong Sis. Try to only include the most valuable information about yourself and your experience; and make it easy on the hiring managers eyes. 

4. Include an Objective.

Let’s be honest.. Your objective for applying to whatever job it is that you are applying for is obviously to get the job! Unless you are making a huge career shift and you may have little to no experience in the new field, then there is no need for you to include an objective in your resume. You can use that space to add more of your great experience and skill sets!

The process of applying and interviewing for jobs can be tough, frustrating, and at times stressful, making it easy to make a few minor mistakes. A Seat at the Table is dedicated to doing all that we can to help you secure your seat and we hope that this list has done just that.

For more resources (and do’s and don’ts of resume writing) visit The Muse to help you prepare for your next big interview. That job is already yours, Sis!

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