Must Read Fashion Career Books for Breaking into the Fashion Industry

A Curated Guide of Fashion Career Books that’ll Help you Excel in the Fashion Industry

Nine times out of ten you are here because you are trying to secure your seat at the table in the fashion industry. As you all know, A Seat at the Table is one hundred percent committed to helping you successfully get your foot in the door, secure your seat, and helping you progress. We have curated a list of fashion career related books that we believe will provide you with informative insight, inspiration, and advice for jumpstarting your career in the industry!

1. 10 Steps to Fashion Freedom by Kate Mayfield & Malcolm Lavene
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This read is perfect for those interested in becoming an image consultant and desire to work in depth with personal clients. These ten steps will help you easily identify your client’s style challenges and discover an entirely new aesthetic for them. This is a great personal development book that will benefit both you and your client!

2. The Little Dictionary of Fashion by Christian Dior
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This is a great read for everyone working in fashion as Dior provides several timeless tips on the art of fashion. He defines several different silhouettes, timeless looks, and even demonstrates “how to walk with grace”. This book is great for both newbies and vets of the industry looking to better understand the terminology used in the industry.

3. The Teen Vogue Handbook: An Insider’s Guide to Careers in Fashion
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This book is a must have for anyone looking to break into the fashion industry. It’s full of great visuals, interviews, and advice. The handbook is composed of over 70 interviews from designers, editors, stylists, photographers, and models who provide informative perspectives on what it’s like working in the industry. If you are someone who is new to the industry this book is full of informative tips from assistants and other individuals who are also just getting started!

4. Secrets of a Stylist, An Insider’s Guide to Styling the Stars by Sasha Charnin Morrison
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In this awesome read, Morrison does an amazing job at giving us the ins and outs of the world of fashion styling. She uses her personal experiences, anecdotes, and storytelling to give a full scope of what it takes to become a fashion stylist. This book provides great insight for all newcomers to fashion and style.

5. A Different Vision on Fashion Photography by Peter Lindbergh
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This book contains over 400+ pages of inspiration for ANYONE working in the fashion industry. Comprised of mostly black and white photos this book illustrates Lindbergh’s journey as a fashion photographer and his work with some of fashion’s top stars. This catalogue of historical work includes luxury ad campaigns, celebrity portraits, street photography, and several Vogue covers. 

6. The Fashion Business Manual by Fashionary
Photo Credit: Fashionary

This visual provides insightful steps on building a fashion brand. It covers several topics including planning, profitability driven products, label creation, brick and mortar options, and practical skill sets for fashion designers. This illustrated guide makes it easy to understand the complex industry of fashion as it provides several resources on learning to become a fashion designer, a “fashionpedia”, and other resources to help you expand your skills within the industry.

7. Fashion Mentor’s Guide to Landing your Dream Job by Brittany Diego
Photo Credit: Fashion Mentor

This guide provides the framework on what it takes to land your dream job in the industry. Diego provides insight on how to construct a great resume,  nail an interview, and secure your dream job. After reading this guide you’ll be receiving a call back in no time!

Breaking into the fashion industry may be difficult but as long as you are committed it’s doable! You now have some fashion related resources that all provide great insight, information, inspiration, and advice on helping you get one step closer to your dream career.

Visit this Harpers Baazar article to find more insightful books to read on landing your dream job in the fashion industry!

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