3 Ways to Adapt to Working from Home in the Fashion Industry

Tips for Working at Home in the Fashion Industry

We’re almost positive that no one entered into 2020 thinking that our lives would completely shift how we operate on a daily basis. According to a Business of Fashion Community Survey,  about 85% of fashion professionals are now working from home. Remote work seems to be the new culture of the industry (by force), however it will more than likely endure long after the pandemic.

At one point in time we worked remotely because we wanted to and working from home was seen as a luxury, unfortunately that is no longer the case. We are aware of how unusual this construct is for many of us and how difficult the adaptation may be, even months later, so here are a few top tips to make working from home a bit easier for you!

1. Dress Like you’re Going to Work

Source: Boss Blog

Yes, you can very well send emails in the same pajamas that you’ve worn all week but trust us when we say getting dressed will make you feel almost a thousand times more productive. A great blazer and tailored pant combo just screams productivity!

2. Create an at Home “Office”/Workspace

Create a designated workspace that isn’t your bedroom or your couch! It is important to create a separation between lounge space and workspace to make your mind aware of when it’s time to turn your thinking cap on and off. An area with a lot of natural lighting is a bonus!

3. Turn your Phone Off

Source: Freepik

Turning your phone off and placing it into another room is a great way to provide a space for yourself where you can work uninterrupted. This will force you to go out of your way to stop your work and decide whether or not spending time on your phone is actually worth getting up and the extra hassle to go and get it. 

Working from home can be a double-edge sword as yes, you get to stay home, however being in your place of comfort can make it difficult for you to actually get any work done. We hope that these tips were helpful.

Leave a comment below telling us how working from home has been for you!

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3 Easy Ways To Adapt To Working From Home

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