5 Tips for Breaking into the Fashion Industry

Breaking into the fashion industry with zero connections

A career in fashion can seem almost impossible for recent graduates or career-switchers. On the outside looking in, for some it even seems like an obscure dream that is only made possible for those who are privileged, cultured, or elite. Thankfully, this couldn’t be further from the truth! With the right attitude and the ability to work hard, breaking into the fashion industry is literally possible for anyone, no matter your age, background, and sometimes even experience. Below are a five helpful tips that will help you get your foot into the door and break into the industry.

1. Think about your niche.

Regardless of which avenue you take in the industry, it is important for you to stand out as a professional. Because of this, it is important for you to know your niche and stand out. Just like in many other industries, in fashion, it is better for you to be a master at one skill than it is Ito be a jack of all trades. Find your niche, perfect it, attempt to be recognized for it, then expand!

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2. Consider a degree within your budget.

Just like a career in any other a field, a career in fashion requires you to be equipped with the right knowledge and skillset in order to be successful. Unless you are going into business for yourself, you can expect for most employers to look to your degree and experience to determine whether you are qualified for the position which is why it is good to consider a degree in the subject matter that you wish to pursue. Note that the cost of the degree will vary depending on the program and school that you wish to attend.

3. Network, network, network!

We have reiterated the importance of networking several times throughout this space and it is literally because it is that important. Networking can sometimes open up doors for you that a degree or experience won’t even be able to open. With the digital age, social media has made social networking ten times easier and more accessible. We recommend that alongside your social media pages that are geared towards fashion that you create a blog or website that displays what your are capable of. Think of it as your digital portfolio. It is also important to attend fashion events, exhibits, showrooms, or any other event where you can meet and network with people within the industry. These small steps can lead you to important partnerships and maybe even your dream position!

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4. Understand the trends.

A hard truth is that your relevance and evolution in the fashion industry is dependent upon your understanding of the current and future trends. A great way to stay up to date and aware of the trends is by reading fashion magazines, subscribing to fashion blogs, and following celebrities and influencers on social media. The formula for any successful fashion product and/or service is following the trend while adding your own sauce and uniqueness for your audience!

5. Be YOUrself!

Fashion is an industry, but it is also an art. It is essentially an expression of you! True fashion experts and vets know that trends will come and go, but those who survive and thrive are those who can set the trend themself. When working with clients or consumers it is important for you to showcase your creativity. Search for inspiration in the things around you but also search for inspiration in the things that already inside of you. The combination of the two is what is going to help you build your on identity in the industry.

Breaking into the fashion industry can be daunting and terrifying for some people and we understand your fear. However, these five tips will lead you to becoming the fashionista professional that you dream of becoming. The great news is that is is already in you, you just have to go for it. We hope that you found these tips to be helpful. Leave a comment below with any more tips you may have for fellow fashionistas, and click here for more insightful and informative resources for breaking into the industry.

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  1. Karina Thomas says:

    Love these tips. So helpful, thank you!


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