5 Black Women in Fashion that you Should be Following

5 Black Women that currently pioneers of the Fashion Industry

As a women of color, Black women, or women of African descent, it can be extremely difficult to find women in the fashion industry to look too for career advice, mentorship, or direction in general. Luckily in recent years we have begun to see a shift in the industry and inclusivity has been made a priority, making it easier than ever to see someone who looks like you at the forefront of the industry. A Seat at the Table has comprised a list of 5 Black Women, from various different backgrounds, with different positions who are currently pioneers of the fashion industry. We hope that this list will give you some inspiration and give you a push to become the next pioneer of the industry!

1. Amanda Murray, @LondonGirlinNYC

Amanda Murray

Amanda is definitely an #ITGirl of not only Instagram but the fashion industry as well. The Brand Consultant and Personal Stylist is extremely educated on the industry and doesn’t mind sharing her tips, reviews, trend analysis, and professional opinions via her Instagram account. If you are not following her, you should be!

2. Shiona Turini, @ShionaT

Shiona Turni

This fashion powerhouse is a must follow! Shiona Turini is a consultant, stylist, and costume designer; and she has definitely become one of the industry’s leading experts. She has worked with Solange, Beyonce, HBO, Dior, and more. She is also the mastermind behind the styling in the popular film Queen and Slim and hit show Insecure. Beyonce was enough for her to receive a follow from us. Definitely follow her for a behind the scenes look into the world of styling!

3. Aurora James, @AuroraJames

Aurora James

This beauty is the creative brain behind the chic brand Brother Vellies. James is the creative director and founder of the brand and amassed an impressive resume of fashion industry experience prior to starting Brother Vellies. Her background in fashion, journalism, art, music, photography, and horticulture joins a forever-passion for artisanship, design, and humanitarianism to create truly one-of-a-kind pieces that will remain in your wardrobe forever. She is definitely someone to follow and look to for inspiration.

4. Lindsey Peoples Wagner, @LPeoplesWagner


Lindsey is a woman to look up too. Currently the Editor-in-Chief of Teen Vogue, the pioneer has made strides to provide a seat at the table for several black women in fashion. She is a digital media professional, with expertise in both fashion and culture. Working at Vogue, The Cut, and even O, Oprah’s Magazine, this boss has left an everlasting mark on the industry. Also featured in Forbes 30 under 30, Peoples has launched a Council titled Black in Fashion which aims to secure the advancement of black individuals in fashion and beauty. Please check her out!

5. Nana Agyemang, @ItsReallyNana

Nana Agyemang

Nana is a total #GirlBoss. She is the founder and creator of her own fashion blog, Every Stylish Girl, which is dedicated to the amplification of Black and Brown women in fashion and journalism. She has also created Every Stylish Girl Biz, which is for women reshaping the world of business. As a contributor of both The Cut and NY Mag, this fashion boss is a must follow!

We hope that you discovered some pioneers to follow from the list. If you have any other pioneers that you would like to share, please leave a comment below!

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